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Make Every Angle Your Best

Chin contouring like no other. Fat on the chin can weigh down your appearance and make you look older or heavier than you actually are. Kybella treatments are formulated to target the stubborn fat that sits on your chin, destroying these cells and leaving you with a more sculpted profile.

This non-surgical treatment is designed specifically to blast away sagging, lumpy chin. Improvements to your facial structure become apparent in as little as 2 to 4 sessions. This means you can flaunt a stronger profile in just 3 months. Make “bad angles” a thing of the past with Kybella.

Chin Contouring Made Sexy

At Renew Medical Spa, we have administered dozens of Kybella treatments on hundreds of individuals - from athletes and models who want to look even more sculpted to people who just want to look their best every day.

Kybella doesn’t favor one profile, age group, or gender. Some patients start treatments at 50 years old while others prefer smaller doses at 25. The Kybella is a powerful beauty tool waiting to be used by anyone who wants a drop-dead gorgeous jaw. By reshaping the chin, you can create the illusion of a finer jaw line - minus the surgeries and the pain.

The Power of Kybella

Bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle are the leading factors of submental fullness or chin fat. However, this lump of fat, skin, and tissue can remain and affect your physique despite years of healthy diet and exercise. The deoxycholic acid found in Kybella injections melt away fat cells tucked under your chin, making you look slimmer and younger.

Unlike other injectables, Kybella treatments require no touch-ups. The deoxycholic acid formulation permanently destroys fat cells while also allowing healthier cells to grow in the process. This means zero maintenance and high rewards that last you a lifetime.

The Process

We begin by studying your chin profile and understanding your aesthetic goals. Treatment sessions vary depending on your needs and your personal preferences. Each session is administered at least 4-6 weeks apart, for up to 6 treatments. In rare cases, more stubborn submental fullness receive more than 6 treatments.

Kybella is the only FDA-approved chin augmentation injectable available to date, administered only by approved professionals. Expect some swelling, bruising, or numbness after your treatment. These minor inconveniences naturally heal in just 1-2 days, followed by the restructuring of healthier chin cells.

The Rewards

Kybella treatments are proof that big things come in small packages. Dissolving chin fat means a subtle lift on your jaw profile and an overall enhancement on your facial contours. Even without other enhancement surgeries, you will benefit from a sharper, more defined aesthetic. It creates the illusion of a longer neck and a slimmer face, bringing the attention back to your eyes, nose, and mouth.

For those who are against facial reconstruction, painless facial contouring becomes an option with Kybella. Zero downtime and zero maintenance. Slimmer, sexier results achieved subtly. Choose the pain-free way to beauty. Choose Kybella today.

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