Luscious Lashes with Latisse!

Have you considered using Latisse but unsure what to expect? Most ladies have been there, grabbing the latest and greatest in the mascara world, crossing their fingers this tube will be “the one.” The one that makes lashes long, dark, thick and luscious, only to be disappointed when the dry black flakes are dusting their face by the end of the day. Latisse is a great product for getting your eyelashes to grow to fabulous lengths without worrying about raccoon eyes. Inside the box you will find the formula in a small bottle with a set of brushes for each night. Simply tear off one brush per eye, place one drop onto the brush and apply to your upper eyelid, as if you were applying eyeliner. Discard the used brush and repeat this process on the other eye with a fresh brush. Easy as that! Repeat this process nightly until you achieve your desired length. Maintenance is a piece of cake. Simply cut back your applications to 2-3 nights per week and your lashes will be long, lushes and beautiful!

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